SIL is an examination of the limits of self-perception, told from the perspective of a crossdressing performance artist living in New York City.
• Co-produced with Lisa Muskat (ALL THE REAL GIRLS, PRINCE AVALANCHE, JOE)
• Managed & directed all post production from picture edit and grade, to titles and final mix
Directed by Vincent Skeltis Written by Jonathan Durbin & Vincent Skeltis Produced by Lisa Muskat & Sometimes Films Cinematography by Michael Simmonds & Hunter Baker Edited by Dominic LaPerriere Production Designer Miranda Lloyd Composer Joseph Stephens Music Supervisors Devoe Yates III, Greg Danylyshyn Costume Designer Tamara Cepeda Executive Producers Laura Grabe Ken Seng Sarah Chapman Danelle Nicholl Bennet Nicholl Co-Produced by Sascha Springer Casting Director Jessica Kelly

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